Confessions of a “Walmart Side Show Attraction”

A lot of people could learn a lot from this blog post x

Good Will Prevails

Cindy fat arms

“You know what I love about you”, I heard  say the middle-aged woman.

My 21 year old was putting  my mobility scooter and his groceries in our vehicle, as the complete stranger continued, ” you are so brave, so courageous!”

She followed up with, “Most women wouldn’t wear anything sleeveless when their arms are that fat, but there you are, just doing your thing.”

Just minutes before I was in Walmart on my scooter wearing my sleeveless light knit blue dress, with a red white and blue eternity scarf. My hair carefully done and I was wearing nice shoes.

Having just recovered from extensive surgery on the removal of Dercum’s  Disease tumors below my ribs, I was very puffed up, and in pain, but proud to feel put together and out “getting something  done”.

There was a woman who gave me the “Walmart people” treatment,  and I was the side show attraction.

I should have sold tickets because she…

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