All About the Dogs!

When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated.
—Sara Paretsky

On Saturday my housemate and I took 3 of our girls, Macey and her daughters Megan and Harper, to the Sound Hounds Dog Show. We only entered our in the Prettiest Bitch class. We didn’t win, my girls are stunning! It was a lovely few hours with a couple of friends and lots of dogs. I absolutely love dogs, they are the best therapy! Big dogs, little dogs, old dogs and little puppies!

Not only was I accompanied by my housemate, 2 friends and our combined 12 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels between us but the sun was out too! We caught up with people and dogs we met in training classes and on group walks. The weather has been very hot, we seem to be having a proper summer this year. The sunshine, friendly banter and cuddles from loads of dogs helped me feel a bit better. The best thing about not being able to stand or walk for long is those with several dogs trusted me to look after their other dogs if they had entered only 1 into a class. Dogs have an amazing way of helping you forget your troubles and will listen until you work your troubles out.

Me with Macey (back), Megan & Harper.

After the dogs show we went to our friends house for a cuppa and a chat. We sat in the garden, with dogs sprawled everywhere sleeping off the excitement of the dog show, drinking tea/coffee and chatting.

Although I was in pain the dogs and chatting with my friends seemed to dull it. I wish I could do it everyday!

Sunday was chill out, pyjama day. The girls were still shattered after an exciting Saturday and they rest if the pack were too tired to do anything but lounge around. We think they may have had a little party while we were out!

Harper took herself off to her crate yesterday for a snooze.

Overall I had a fab weekend. I went to bed last night tired, in pain but most of all grateful for good friends and mortal angels, otherwise known as dogs x

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. 

Have pets helped you? If so, how?


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