Rattling as I Hobble

Due to the recent pain levels I had a telephone consultation with my GP. They told me if I need to change my painkillers I don’t need to go in as they know how painful it is for me. My GP rang quite quickly after I phoned to request the consultation. I explained that the painkillers I’m on are not helping enough. I’ve been in constant agony for a week or so now. I’ve has some nerve pain, burning sensations down in my left leg & foot and sharp pains in my back and left hip. I described the pain in the lumbar area of my back, it is like an ache with pressure too and sometimes feels like there is a large lump in there. My GP told me off for not calling sooner. She has prescribed co-codamol to be taken alongside the Tramadol and told me to take an extra Gabapentin at bedtime. She also advised that the Gabapentin can be increased in increments to help withe the nerve pain.

Here are my new daily meds!


I really hope that this combination works as I am struggling to cope with the constant pain and shooting pains when I move the wrong way.


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