What a Plonker…

Last night I woke up with pain in my right hip. Normally I’d get up and walk about a bit or sit up for a bit then lay back down. Not last night though. Last night I was knackered and decided to try laying on my left (bad) side. I wasn’t too uncomfortable and quickly fell back to sleep. Whilst in the depths of slumber the “leg” of the body pillow behind me dropped off the bed and I rolled onto my back! I bought the body pillow to stop that from happening.

Hence, this morning I woke up in agony and it took a full 5 minutes for me to move! At one point I nearly shouted my housemate to come and help but it was only 6:30. 

Lesson learnt. This is how I should correctly use the body pillow and will continue to do so!!

https://goo.gl/jkTChF – Body U Pillows on eBay
https://goo.gl/Ro7AdW – Body U Pillows on Amazon


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