Oh What a Night :-(

So, last night I “slept” using my new body (U) pillow. Yesterday morning I had to take my disabled Mum to A&E (she’s ok) so had to lift her wheelchair in and out of my car. My back was most displeased and was not shy in letting me know how much I had pissed it off.

I used my icepack as much as possible, had a nap and took my painkillers at the right times for the rest of the day.

Then I went to bed. I got myself snuggled into the body pillow and swiftly fell asleep. My back decided that this was a good time to remind me how much I’d pissed it off during the day. Every hour or so I woke up with a pain in my right hip/buttock, similar to sciatic pain but not affecting my right leg. I had to get myself to off the bed and walk it off. It was not cramp. I can’t lay on my left side as that it the bad side. I can’t lay on my back because it is absolute agony, even with support under my knees. I spent most of the night awake pleading with my body to let me get some sleep.

I have written last night off as first test night for the body pillow. My back is still very, very angry and I keep feeling like I need a wee, so I’m not sure how tonight is going to go. I just hope the rest I’ve had today will appease the demons and let me get and good nights sleep.


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