Standing & Walking are a Pain in the Back!!

Whilst holidaying I am doing a lot more walking than usual. I’m walking up and down steps, sand dunes etc. As we walked over the soft sand my left foot rolled under again, although I couldn’t feel anything in my ankle due to the numbness it jolted my back. All of this is causing me a load of pain. Even the double dose of painkillers yesterday morning didn’t really help. Not only am I numb on the left side of my lower left leg and foot I’m also getting more tingling and a burning sensation running down my left leg. I’ve had some cramps in my left leg too! We were supposed to take it easy today but the Farm Shop near by and Hunstanton shops were calling so ended up walking a load more. This hasn’t helped, obviously. I got some sharp pains on the right side of my lumbar spine whilst walking and standing too today. I am sleeping longer at night due to all of the exercise and fresh air but when I wake up I’m in agony. Last night I dreamt that someone was sat on the lumbar part of my back and wouldn’t get off, I was shouting at them to “get the f*ck off” but they wouldn’t move. I really don’t want to hold my friends back 😦 Tomorrow is our last day and then home on Friday. Hopefully I’ll have a letter from the Neurosurgical Department with my appointment when I get home. I may have to speak to my GP about my painkillers as I’m still in a lot of pain most of the day. I am so pissed off with this already. I have friends who have had to deal with severe back pain for years, I respect them so much.


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