Surgical Referral & Holiday Prep

Yesterday I booked an appointment at my GPs, luckily it was with
a locum. I say luckily as my doctors don’t seem to want to acknowledge just how
much pain I’m in or how bad my L4/L5 disc bulge is. The locum immediately read
my MRI report and started to complete the referral form. I asked if there was a
way to make it an urgent referral, she said there wasn’t but as I’m showing
signs of neurological issues (weak left foot/rolling ankle) the surgeons should
prioritise my case. We’ll see how that goes! I asked for more painkillers as
I’m going away to Docking in Norfolk on Friday with friends. I also asked for a
repeat prescription as it’s annoying having to call to make an appointment to
see or talk to a doctor every 2 weeks and my pain is not going to miraculously
disappear overnight (I wish!). She gave me a new prescription for 2 weeks and a
fortnightly repeat. I just have to hand the form in at the GP and then collect
the meds from the chemist a couple of days later. I also got another sick note
this time for 6 weeks. The doctor made me laugh, she said to only take the
Tramadol when the pain is at it’s worst! I politely advised her that without
the Tramadol I would not be able to move! The day before yesterday I was in
agony all day even though I was taking the painkillers! It’s like everyday is a
pain wheel of fortune. What will it land on tomorrow?!

Yesterday was quite a good day pain wise so I did a bit of pottering around and made dinner etc. Today I’m regretting it a little. I’m very sore but on the 1-10 scale I’m only at a 6 so still not too bad. Trying to help my housemate sort stuff for the holiday but I’m next to useless. She keeps telling me off for doing things but it’s hard work organising and getting stuff ready to take 8 dogs on holiday!

Now I’m off for a luke-warm bath, I miss my boiling hot baths but the cooler the bath the more it relieves my back.

Header image from: Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Pinterest


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