The Chiropractor

This morning I got myself to the Chiropractor’s. He did an hours worth of tests. He was surprised and clearly irritated that none of the doctors I had seen previously had done the basic checks (reflexes etc). I thought I would go in and he’d say “we can have you sorted in a couple of sessions”. Instead he told me that the only treatment he could offer before my MRI was laser treatment to help ease the nerves because my back is so bad. Not only is my left leg partially numb but my foot was partially numb and weak due to the impact of whatever is going on in my back is having on my nerves. He advised me to lay down as much as possible on my right side with a pillow between my knees, to use a freeze pack on my back for 20 minutes of every hour I’m awake and strongly advised me to have the MRI ASAP also advising he could refer me for a private MRI for £250! I told him I needed to think about it. During the appointment I laughed, joked and swore a little when it hurt! When I got back into my car I cried. I was hoping for good news not to be told that it’s worse than I thought it was. I now need to decide if I can wait for the NHS MRI and results or to go ahead with a much quicker private MRI…


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