Intro Time

Hi All,

My name is Joanne, I’m 37 years old and am owned by 8 (yes, eight!) Cavalier King Charles Spaniels (

I have always suffered with back ache of some sort from working in residential homes for the elderly (before hoists were common place) and moshing to heavy metal/rock music.

About 17-18 years ago I had sciatica. My GP at the time put me on Prednisolone steroid and told me it would either go or I’d have to live with it forever. The pain was intense and I felt awful leaving the doctors office. Luckily it eased with the steroids, although I still got twinges of pain. That is until I got incredibly drunk (a weekly occurrence) a few months later, missed my footing whilst dancing on the bar at The Campbell in Coventry to Linkin Park and landed flat on my back. After that my back was a lot better!

As you can guess the problem has come back with a vengeance!!!


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