My Story So Far…

For those who don't want to scroll back through all of the posts. This is a long post so grab a cuppa, a chocolate bar and make yourself comfortable. When I was in my teens I discovered heavy metal music and fell in love! All it took was the first chord of Paranoid by Black … Continue reading My Story So Far…


RIP Chester Bennington

‪BBC News - Chester Bennington: Linkin Park vocalist ‘took his own life’ RIP Chester 😢 x Another extremely talented person gone too soon. Thank you for Hybrid Theory. You and Linkin Park were a huge part of my life in the late 90’s and early 00’s. I will cherish the memory of falling off … Continue reading RIP Chester Bennington

Confessions of a “Walmart Side Show Attraction”

A lot of people could learn a lot from this blog post x

Good Will Prevails

Cindy fat arms

“You know what I love about you”, I heard  say the middle-aged woman.

My 21 year old was putting  my mobility scooter and his groceries in our vehicle, as the complete stranger continued, ” you are so brave, so courageous!”

She followed up with, “Most women wouldn’t wear anything sleeveless when their arms are that fat, but there you are, just doing your thing.”

Just minutes before I was in Walmart on my scooter wearing my sleeveless light knit blue dress, with a red white and blue eternity scarf. My hair carefully done and I was wearing nice shoes.

Having just recovered from extensive surgery on the removal of Dercum’s  Disease tumors below my ribs, I was very puffed up, and in pain, but proud to feel put together and out “getting something  done”.

There was a woman who gave me the “Walmart people” treatment,  and I was the side show attraction.

I should have sold tickets because she…

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Coping & Buying Equipment 

At first I thought I was coping with the prognosis of living with chronic back pain. That I'm likely to need a series of surgeries. I pray that I hit the 5 - 10% chance of success. That I'll be back to "normal" afterwards as though it's just a hiccup, a blip, a little painful … Continue reading Coping & Buying Equipment 

A Gift, No Longer Present

There are no words x

A Patient Voice


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All About the Dogs!

When you feel lousy, puppy therapy is indicated. —Sara Paretsky On Saturday my housemate and I took 3 of our girls, Macey and her daughters Megan and Harper, to the Sound Hounds Dog Show. We only entered our in the Prettiest Bitch class. We didn't win, my girls are stunning! It was a lovely few … Continue reading All About the Dogs!

Heroes, an Invaluable Resource 

***Long Post - Tea & Cake Required*** When I was a child I had no idea my mum was disabled. She was just my Mum, I knew no different. As I got older myself and my school friends began to notice she was different. I endured a little while of the kids calling my mum … Continue reading Heroes, an Invaluable Resource 

Triple D

Today I received this copy of the letter sent from my consultant to my gp. It confirms that I have Degenerative Disc Disease and outlines the treatment stats etc.  I was ok about it until I got this letter. I had a massive wobble. It means it's all real. My back is unlikely to get … Continue reading Triple D

Hypnic Jerks and Violent Legs!

Over the last week or so as I'm falling asleep I've had hypnic jerks. I have had them on and off for all of my life. Usually they are just inconvenient and delay my falling to sleep. Now they are painful and hurt my back. Luckily not too much just enough to delay my sleep a … Continue reading Hypnic Jerks and Violent Legs!

There is Something Good in Every Day

What a way to help see the light in the darkness created by chronic pain! I awoke this morning in a bit more pain than usual. The sun is shining here in Coventry, my dogs were ecstatic to see me and this post has helped cheer me up. Thank you Sam x

My Medical Musings

There is something good in every day.

Is there? Is that even a possible concept for those of us who have chronic illness?

The initial response from the chronic illness community is likely to be a resounding “No”.

Pain, procedures, lack of sleep, lack of understanding, countless medical appointments & tests, chronic fatigue, lack of mobility etc. These all overwhelm the mind & body & constantly try to draw our focus away from seeing the moments of joy, moments that are good despite everything our bodies throw at us.

images (1)

It’s 9.30am & a chilly sunny Sunday winters morning here in Brisbane, Qld. Our winter has finally decided to arrive & being a lover of the cold, I’m a very happy gal. I’m still in bed having slept in after a disturbed night & my beautiful husband is downstairs getting breakfast for us.

My legs don’t move in the mornings until…

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How Dare They?!

Keyboard warriors are the bane of my life. People who hide behind a cryptic screen name and abuse others. I was born in Coventry and have lived here all of my life. The city is far from perfect but does not deserve the scathing, spiteful reviews that have lead to the publishing of this article … Continue reading How Dare They?!